PUFF Film Festival Hong Kong 2019

PUFF is a non-profit organisation under Section 88 of Hong Kong Inland Revenue.  All our programs are free.  The festival is run by a dedicated group of volunteers of film directors and curators.  Please visit our store or donate to become a patron to support indie films.  

PUFF strives to give filmmakers a chance to shine and to tell their stories.  PUFF looks for the latest art house & experimental films that are not afraid to break the status quo narratives.  Now in it's 10th year, we had screened over 250 films from more than 30 countries.

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大城喜事 The Debts

China | 2010 | 83 min | Comedy

Directed by Wang Xiao Ming


Sex Equo

Italy | 2010 | 63 min | Comedy, drama

Director by Werther Germondari, Maria Laura Spagnoli

After disobeying God and having visited the site of 'forbidden fruits', Adam and Eve are trying to regain the lost Eden

The Death I Dreamed Of

Greece | 2010 | 90 min | Horror

Director by Panagiots Kravvas


Based on real events, the arrival of the mysterious and charming Chris will bring the rest of the gang in a dark new world

Thirty Proof Coil

USA | 2010 | 80 min | Horror, comedy

Director by Will Schmeckpeper


A young woman is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger and chained in an eerie, dilapidated barn

How To Boil A Frog

Canada | 2009 | 88 min | Documentary

Directed by Jon Cooksey


How to Boil a Frog is an eco-comedy that gives an overview of the Big Mess We're In - environment, energy, economic


Italy | 2010 | 92 min | Sci-fi, thriller

Directed by Mario d’Anna

A man involved in an experiment on the border between two realities

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