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These are pages from our websites that are accessible for our PUFF Film BUFF members ; write to us for access anytime gary@puff-festival.org
Indie Film Awards - each year, one to three films are chosen for the PUFF Indie Film award.  Award winners have exclusive access to our team.  PUFF aspires not merely to screen your film but to help to continue your film career.  We have uniquely a team made up of private equity professionals who are experienced in fund raising for start ups.   
New Frontier & Video Art - presented in art galleries and alternative venues. Our new frontier films are curated and presented not in cinemas but in amazing art galleries.  Find out more https://www.experimenta.hk 
Live Film Theatre - theatrical presentation.  PUFF selects original music scores and sound design winners each year.  Again we do not show them merely in cinema but in live music space !  
Initiatives for Women filmmakers - PUFF waive all submission fees to women filmmakers.   We give you a voice and special help too.  Women tends to have smaller teams or they work alone.  If you need to add team members to your film crew, contact us.  We can connect you to amazing professionals around the world.
Social Programs - films that explore most pressing social issues.  Contact us and we will help with your fund raising ! 

The 10th PUFF Film Festival  2020

PUFF is a non-profit organisation under Section 88 of Hong Kong Inland Revenue.  All our screenings are free.  The festival is run by a dedicated group of volunteers of film directors and curators.  Please visit our store or donate to support indie films.  

PUFF strives to give filmmakers a chance to shine and to tell their stories.  PUFF looks for the latest art house & experimental films that are not afraid to break the status quo narratives.  Now in it's 10th year, we had screened over 250 films from more than 30 countries.

Patrons have exclusive access to our library & events with filmmakers

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