Born To Be


Directed by Tania Cypriano

BORN TO BE follows the work of Dr. Jess Ting at the groundbreaking Center for Trans- gender Medicine and Surgery in NYC—where, for the first time, all transgender and non- binary people have access to quality healthcare and surgery. 

USA, 2019, 1h32m

Planet Humra


Directed by Konstantin Komardin

This story shows how difficult it is to realize ideals of human rights. The action of the film takes place in the distant future, and existence of the planet Earth has long been considered to be just a legend. Cheggi is a young hacker from a tribe called the Wild. He falls under the repressive force of the state machine and only narrowly escapes death. Now Cheggi decides to reclaim human rights on his planet at any cost.

Russia, 2019, 1h11m

Sun Shine Moon


Directed by Carlo Avventi

The Chinese Sun (Ding Ding) and the Korean Moon (Jinseung Moon) meet at a language course in Heidelberg. As Moon remains without a room Sun helps him. They accept the proposal of a sinister pub owner, who offers them a place to stay. In return they have to deliver mysterious boxes. Their courier service leads them through the narrow alleys of the romantic city center, as well as through a dreamlike, summery landscape. The magic of this place increasingly captivates the two protagonists and finally blurs the line between reality and fantasy.

Germany/Italy, 2019, 1h35m

Come Brother


Directed by Chow King Kan

4 young men had a reunion and were playing mahjong together after one of them married suddenly. They were good friends back from the school days. Meanwhile talking about the good old days, each of them told a story. However, those stories are linked together and everything was linked to a girl. So why is she linked with them? who is she?

Hong Kong, 2019, 1h20m

Revolution Launderette


Directed by Mark Chua and Lam Li Shuen

In Tokyo, a young man Tomo, dogged by misfortune, sets out to beat his existence to its next punchline, together with Hiroko who obsesses over a stranger’s old scrapbook. They agree to head into all the encounters that come their way, on a plan to decipher the parts of the whole and outwit this joke before it plays out. Their trip through signs, sounds and situations dives them into another side of the city - a maze of subcultures and surreal lingerings in the air. Setting off events far beyond his imagination, Tomo winds up finding his answers at the bottom of something entirely bizarre. A gonzo tale of being in the world, the individual will and the deciphering of signs.

Singapore, 2019, 1h11m

Mrs Lei


Directed by Zhuo Kai Luo

Lei Suyun has forgotten a lot of things. She can't recognize friends and family. She can't help but lose everything. At the same time, the fear of loss is accompanied by strong loneliness. 

China, 2018, 1h45m

Safari Park


Directed by Michaël Massias

In the near future

France is in recession for the tenth consecutive year. Record unemployment, social misery and urban violence are part of the daily lot. The morale of the households is at its lowest.

Fortunately, the SAFARI PARK begins its new season.

France, 2019, 1h33m

A Child Teacher

Nepal / 2019 / 10m

Phadindra Budhathoki

Artes Liberales

USA / China / 2018 / 49m

Ceng Chen


Afghanistan / 2019 / 15m

Masoud Soheili

I, Wretched man

Austria / 2019 / 17m

Bastian Wilplinger

La Fin Du Supplice

Canada / 2018 / 12m

Stéphane Dirschauer


Canada / 2019 / 17m

Anthony von Seck

Magic Kingdom

USA / HK / 2020 / 15m

Nelson Ng Chak Hei


Singapore / 2019 / 15m

Gina Tan


USA / 2019 / 10m

Nora Jaenicke

Ruth Weiss, the Beat Goddess

USA / 2020 / 53m

Melody C. Miller

Shooting Crows

Switzerland / 2018 / 20m

Christine Hürzeler

The Avant-Gardener

USA / 2017 /36m

Lindsay Katt

Woman at the Well

UK / 2019 / 15m

JoJo Lau


Russia / 2019 / 15m

Vasilisa Kuzmina
Drama / Sci-fi


Iran / 2019 / 12m

Solmaz Etemad

Hide and Seek

China / 2019 / 20m

Cheung Siului

In Passing

Canada / HK / 2019 / 4m

Esther Cheung

Life Comes Back To Me

Iran / Lebanon / 2018 / 30m

Mahboubeh Honarian

M Like Mobius

Iran / Italy / 2019 / 8m

Faranak Moradi


Sweden / 2013 / 30m

John Hellberg

Picture Particles

Germany / 2014 / 6m

Thorsten Fleisch

Puppet's Kingdom

Hong Kong / 2018 / 26m

Wilkins Ho


USA / Singapore / 2018 / 11m

Leon Cheo

Tears & Dreams

Italy / Thailand / 2019 / 60m

Lia Beltrami

The Loop

Hong Kong / 2019 / 20m

Mike Sakas

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