Festival 2011 , 2012 & 2013


El efecto K (The K Effect)

Spain | 2012 | 130 min | Historical drama

Directed by Valenti Figueres

The K Effect tells a fictional documentary account of a Russian filmmaker/actor turned super spy that spans fifty years and over 5 continents

Spinning Kite

Japan | 2011 | 110 min | Drama, music

Director by Satoshi Kase

A coming of age story about wandering days of suburban slackers

Songs of Redemption

USA | 2013 | 78 min | Documentary, music

Director by Miquel Galofré, Amanda Sans


A group of inmates at the General Penitentiary in Kingston, Jamaica, are involved in a rehabilitation program based in music

Daughters of the Niger Delta

Nigeria, Germany | 2012 | 56 min | Documentary

Director by Ilse van Lamoen


Daughters of the Niger Delta' is an intimate film portrait of three ordinary women in the Niger Delta who manage to make ends meet against all odds

Transgender Tuesday

USA | 2012 | 62 min | Documentary, LGBT

Directed by Mark Freeman, Nathaniel Walters-Koh


They came for the hormones and stayed for the health-care

The Lives of Hamilton Fish

USA | 2013 | 68 min | Musical, experimental

Directed by Rachel Mason

The Lives of Hamilton Fish is a film whose story is told through songs. Two men both named Hamilton Fish were pronounced dead on the front page of a Newspaper in 1936, one was a famous statesman and the other, a notorious cannibal

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L'Italia ci Appartiene (Italy Belong to Us)

Italy | 2012 | 72 min | Drama

Directed by Carlo Avventi

Marco, a young film director, discovers that he is terminally ill. After a long time spent abroad he returns to his home country, Italy, to shoot his last film


New Zealand | 2012 | 96 min | Mockumentary

Director by Slavko Martinov

An anti-western propaganda film about the influences of American visual and consumption culture on the rest of the world, as told from a North Korean perspective

The Mute

China, USA | 2012 | 78 min | Thriller

Director by Aristotle Yee


A mute boy overheard a possible murder occured next door that unfolded into an intense finale

We Stand Alone

USA | 2013 | 59 min | Documentary

Director by Aubrey Lethbridge, Evan Neuwirth


We Stand Alone follows the Liberian national amputee team from their homes in Monrovia to their championship bid at the 2011 CANAF Cup in Accra, Ghana

Body Complete

Austria | 2012 | 85 min | Mystery

Directed by Lukas Sturm


Austrian journalist asks her editor to send her to Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to investigate disappearance of girl

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The Apple's Fault

Nadav Abu | Israel

Rishi Daswani | Spain

The Bare Foot Leader
Zohreh Zamani | Iran


Behind me Olive Trees
Pascale Abou Jamra | Lebanon


Best of Both Worlds
Michael Dunker | USA


Black Bete
Robin K.G. | Thailand


Blind Mice
Walter Lawry | New Zealand



Pierre Stefanos | USA/UK


Emma Rozanski | UK

Cold Turkey

Fannar Thor Arnarsson | Iceland



David Galán Galindo | Spain


The Detective In Love




Jonathan Ebron | Hong Kong

The Divided Line

Mel Miskell | Australia


Jens Vandendriessche | Belgium


Ente, Tod und Tulpe Omeu
Andrea Simon | Germany


Feeling Better
Benjamin Siu/ChanChi Fat | Hong Kong



Caroline Monnet | Canada


Happily Ever After

Ben Genislaw | Israel


Hidden Agenda the Movie

Hong Kong


Hit and Run
Luke McKay | Australia



Maya Rudolph | China/USA


Aaron Philip Harvey | USA



Laura Graham | UK



Stephen Chen | Canada


Intimate Geography

Stephen Eastaugh | Australia


Iria Lopez | UK

Karim Ouaret | France


Las Sexicas

Cesar Mari Soucase | Spain


Make a Wish
Hee Jin Kim | USA



Pedro Resende | Portugal/USA


Miscellany XIII.
Gabriel Hosovsky | Slovakia


Boris Seewald | Germany


My Beautiful Nightmare
Perivi Katjavivi | Namibia


Out of Order

Louis Fonseca | UK


The Personal and the Political

Wong See Yuen | Hong Kong



Alberto Lavin | Spain


Rose, Mary and Time

Hardeep Giani | UK



Jon Ander Tomas | Spain

Spaghetti Für Zwei

Betina Dubler/Matthias Rosenberger | Germany

Struggles in Opposition

Joshua Martin | USA


Suicidio Lamprea, la balada de Simon

Guillermo Arias-Carbajal | Spain


Sunny Boy

Jane Gull | UK


Survivor Type
Billy Hanson | USA


Time 2 Split

Fabrice Bracq | France


Tipologie di un Amore Fantasma: Armonia Vuota

Adriano Barone | Italy


The Thing My Father Never Taught Me
Burleigh Smith | Australia


Tres en un Cuarto

Federico Calabuig | Spain


Hussain Al-Riffaei | Bahrain


Planet Utero

Faiyaz Jafri | USA



Pilli Cortese | UK


White Widow: A Psychological Thriller

Jamie Dwyer | USA

Festival 2011 , 2012 & 2013

Festival 2012 Feature Film Category - for full details of our 2011 and 2012 film archive, please write to info@puff-festival.org 

El Lenguaje del Tiempo

Chile | 2011 | 87 min | Drama, thriller

Directed by Sebastian Araya Serrano

A Man and a Woman who get together after several months of absence in an attempt to reconcile their differences

Re: Play-Girls

Japan | 2011 | 94 min | Fantasy, action

Directed by Yuki Saito

Michi, a high school girl with a seemingly perfect life is on a quest to her own death in the suicide game, "Re:Play-Girls".

Fambul Tok

USA | 2011 | 83 min | Documentary

Directed by Sara Terry

Fambul Tok tells the story of healing in post-conflict Sierra Leone through the intimate stories of perpetrators and victims

O que há de novo no amor?

Portugal | 2011 | 121 min | Drama

Directed by Mónica Baptista/Maria Sigalho/Hugo Martins/Tiago Nunes/Hugo Alves/Rui Santos, Patrícia Raposo

大東方 Orient Top Town

Hong Kong | 2011 | 83 min | Documentary

Directed by Wong See Yuen

Contemporary visual artists in Shanghai and real estate developers forms a curious partnership amidst a construction boom in the run up to Shanghai hosting World Expo 2010

Cultures of Resistance

USA | 2010 | 73 min | Documentary

Directed by Iara Lee

Does each gesture really make a difference? Can music and dance be weapons of peace? 

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